MRJM Kapoen Business Development


Dutch business partner in your corner, undaunted by unexpected obstacles

I help companies achieve results within complex, international partnerships, help to search for stakeholders and build business relationships and organize business events between stakeholders, bridging the distance between time-zones and the cultural divide.

I am a professional intermediary with focus on international collaborations between the United States and The Netherlands, at home in both.

I understand the challenges of overcoming adversities and bring expertise from a diverse group of industries, saving you time and money. My mission is to translate these abilities into concrete results for your international venture.

Senior Project Partner  

  • Kick-starting new business - Solid strategic thinking combined with a hands-on approach
  • Project management - Set-up subsidiaries for Dutch organizations in the U.S.
  • Build strategic alliances & partnerships between international entrepreneurs and the Netherlands
  • Interim Management in an international environment
  • Bridging the gap between the boundaries of functions, organizational cultures and global cultures
  • Representation and follow-up of Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Ambassador for NETVRIDA.EU initiative (NETVRIDA: North East Tennessee Valley Regional Industrial Development Association)

Editor at NETVRIDA weekly Tennessee Business News

MRJM Kapoen